Welcome to Happy Time Squares
Rochester, New Hampshire

AA Celebration of Life for Chris will be held Friday January 30, 2015 at 2pm, Holt-Woodbury Funeral Home, 32 School St, Hillsboro NH 03244. A Reception will follow at the Pinkham’s home; bus service will be provided between the Reception and Funeral Home.

Board Members

Dean Giffin

Vice President:
Cyndi LaPlante

Tina Bruno

Sallie Ricker

Banner Chairman:
Don Fuller

John Bruno

Members at Large:
Sandy Ross
Helen Hirtile
Ken Ricker

Happy Time Squares
Square Dancing Club
Where it's Hip to be Square!!

It's time to erase the old image you might have of square dancing from your school days or TV. Today's dancing is done to great music from the best of modern music, including Country, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Bluegrass. There are new dance steps with exciting new patterns to learn. This is the best kept secret in town - there are new people to meet, friends to make, and events to attend. Modern Square Dancing is thinking and moving in rhythm to the music, so it's time you got off the couch and started moving to the music!

Upcoming Events:

Dance Name:
Round Dance Teach / Square Dance Workshops
Tuesdays starting October 14 2014 Through June 16

Dance Name:
February Valentine Dance
Saturday February 14, 2015

Dance Name:
Circus, Circus Dance
Saturday April 11, 2015

Dance Name:
Trail Thru Dance to the 64th Nationals
Saturday June 20, 2015